Creating Face Masks for Everyone!

When we first started hearing about COVID-19 on the news, there was no way for us to know that it would drastically change our lives the way that it has. Some of us are unemployed.. others are essential workers and are being placed in danger on a daily basis to provide the necessary items and services we all need.. and some others are dealing with the virus firsthand, be it themselves or a loved one.

As a way to prevent against the spread of disease, we've been staying home, wearing gloves and masks and soaking our skin in gallons of hand sanitizer. Amidst all of this craziness, I had a friend suggest that I start making face masks. At the time, I thought it was a good idea, but not for me. We hadn't reached the point in our history where I could imagine the day that I would walk into a grocery store and see 90% of my fellow shoppers wearing masks face masks as a protection against the deadly germs that could be lurking around any corner.

Fast forward a couple weeks, and I myself have now become afraid to go out in public; to have my daughter run her hand along the cereal boxes and possibly contract something. I'm now going back to what my friend had told me a couple weeks back and am making masks; but not just for myself and my daughter. I'm now making them for anyone who feels they need one.... or one for every day of the week, as one of my customers is doing.

This is something I have had a lot of fun doing, and I hope that I am able to help people who haven't had access to face masks. I am constantly finding fun new fabrics; so please check back often to see if you find one that you love. Next up, I will have both a baseball one and a FRIENDS themed one.

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