Do You Own Your Own Business?

Do you own your own business? Are you in a sales type role? Would you like to find a new way to reach your customers and clients? Or are you just looking for a feel good book written by an inspirational woman?

"Stories That Stick" by Kindra Hall is a MUST READ if you're someone that fits the describers above!

Last year a friend of mine had told me about her. He had been to a conference for work where Kindra Hall was the keynote speaker and came back telling me how she reminded him of me. We were sitting over coffee while he told, sipping on my lavender latte while he pulled up her Instagram and told me to start following her. He told me about the book that she had out, but the one that was coming out in the Fall, was primarily what she had spoken about during the conference.

After our coffee, I had done as he said and started following her on all the socials (@kindrahall on Instagram). Over time I became increasingly interested in her, her life and all the stories that she shared. She lives in New York City, married to her husband, with two kids. She's a professional storyteller and has an upbeat anecdote for nearly everything, it would seem. To me, she is the type of person that you'd love to have a drink with while chatting like you're old friends.

A couple months ago, I finally ordered her most recent book, Stories That Stick, and brought it with me on my own out of town trip for a conference I was attending for work. I started reading on the flight to Vegas, while snacking on my airplane pretzels and trying to get comfortable in my cramped area. Within the INTRODUCTION, yes, it was that quickly, I was completely sold! The very first story she tells is about her husband, a little shoppe in a Slovenia and Eight & Bob, I knew I had found something truly special.

While reading through the book, Kindra tells you how for every business you should have a Value Story, a Founders Story, a Purpose Story and a Customer Story, then proceeds to tell you how to craft each one. It's true brilliance at its best, if you ask me.

I've been in sales roles the majority of my adult life and I had primarily used stories when meeting with clients or perspective clients as a way to get to know them, but for them to also to get to know me. I believe that people do business with people they know, like and trust, and I have always tried to find a way to relate to people. Prior to reading Stories That Stick, I didn't know it was a real process for gaining relationships and business. I wasn't as intentional with my stories as I should have been, and I learned that, amongst so many other things while reading Stories That Stick.

This book is a phenomenal read! I look forward to hearing from you and what you think of it as well. I know you won't be disappointed!

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