Dreams vs. Reality

When I was young, what I wanted to be when I grew up was ever changing. In elementary school, it was primarily a school teacher. Middle school was a lawyer because I thought I would be rich doing that. When I was in high school and I learned more about history, stories and people, I decided I wanted to be a writer. I found history, classic novels, and what makes people do the things they do fascinating. I wanted to continue learning and writing about people all over the world. Though, when I graduated, I was working three jobs and I thought I was rich then, so I skipped going to school at that point and didn't continue with my dream of being a writer.

That dream continues to pop up and my desire is always being renewed. Over the past several months, with the coronavirus looming over our heads in every direction we turn, I've had the opportunity to work on things that make me happy. I've spent a lot of time working on macrame, crocheting new things, and of course, making masks. I've also been learning about different places I want to travel to once I am able to, and the different kinds of people and things are in each area. And oh my goodness, there is so much out there! The possibilities are endless and in one lifetime, I'll never explore and learn all the things that I want to, but I sure can try!

In the meantime, I am here, creating fun new things, and I'll be sharing stories of our lives and the craziness that lurks around every corner. I have a 9 year old daughter, which means there is never a dull moment around here. Currently, we've been working on virtual learning, like so many others, and trying to keep her engaged, actually paying attention, not asking me for all the answers (though I did just re-learn what prime and composite numbers are since she was asking). Our dining table is now a school desk with laptops, books and school supplies all over the place. Being in week 2 now, we're finally getting the hang of things and how to get into all of her different classes. The one perk of this virtual learning is being able to get out of town and still continue with her school. I can't wait!

Until next time, thanks for joining us here. :)

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