Quarantining with Munchkins

It's a cool spring morning, no alarms going off, no hustling to get to school and work in the nick of time. It's calm, I can hear my daughter and the dog moving around in the living room, as I start to stretch and bring life back into my limbs. I lay there for a few extra minutes because, well, I can. And luckily, my daughter is quite sufficient in the mornings. I have never been much of a morning person, so this whole not going to work thing has its perks.

I walk up the stairs to our main living area; my daughter is on the couch with her dog and is playing on her iPad. "Good morning", I say as I walk into the kitchen.

"Good morning, mom", she responds. I start my cup of coffee and just relax.

Days are more lax right now, but as soon as I am properly caffeinated, we get to her school work. When she was first born, I had wanted to be a teacher. But once she turned 3, I realized I could barely handle one child, let alone 25 of those little terrors. But not to worry, she grew out of that stage by mid 4, and is a little angel. And I truly mean that.

Homeschooling is an interesting thing though when you aren't used to it. At first, I was making her schedules: 30 minutes of reading, 20 minutes of typing, 6 pages in her math book, and so on. She had online assignments for the first week, but her teacher hasn't been in touch much and hasn't assigned more, so now I've been trying to think of more creative things and things that actually teach her something that is useful in her life. I've never understood why they teach things like the body parts of an ant; at no point in my life have I ever needed to know that the mid-section is called a thorax. Yet there that info is, taking up space in my brain that could be used for something else.

Regardless, we've been trying to figure out new things to do and try. She has decided she wants to start her own clothing line. So I am teaching her how to use the sewing machine and she got her own fabric and pattern and is working on that now. She has a young entrepreneurs book and is learning things from there. It's real life strategies and concepts for her to use now and in the future. This is what I think all children should learn. She's also been cooking with me and we've made pasta from scratch. Plus, we've been going on walks and bike rides to get out of the house.

Overall, I have enjoyed all this extra time with her, and all the extra time for my personal projects. But the one down side to all the extra time together is ALL THE EXTRA TIME TOGETHER! Kids eat a TON! She wants food every hour, it seems like. And is always talking. I love my daughter more than life itself, and she is an angel, like I said above. But goodness, being with someone, anyone, for weeks straight with zero breaks like work or school; it can become a bit much. Though honestly, I felt that way yesterday and today, we are back to normal and it not feeling like too much. We've played games, took flowers to our grandma and about to make dinner for some friends to drop off.

As difficult as all of this can sometimes be, it is also a blessing. We have the ability to get to know our children on an even deeper level, spend some quality time with them, and create memories that we may not have otherwise. I hope everyone else is using this time to the best of their ability.

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