Where is Your Happy Place

I was out running errands today; both trying to get things done and clear my head, or rather calm my nerves. When I was on my way home, I decided to take a detour to a local state park that's right on the Sound. I've said before, and I will always feel that anywhere with water is my happy place. Though, it's not necessarily just the ocean that I feel better in. There's been days when it's down pouring outside and I can hear the rain slapping against the roof and windows of the house that make me stop what I'm doing and attempt to make my ears bigger just so I can hear it even better. On a daily basis, I opt to take shower instead of a bath because I love to sit down in the shower and have the water hit my skin and rush over me, cocooning me in what feels like a waterfall. But I do admit, that I would choose an ocean over a lake, or any other form of water, any day of the week. There's something about the movement of the water; hearing the waves come rushing in, over the driftwood littered sand and algae covered rocks. The mystery of the unknown waters and what could be lurking beneath. The feeling of awe that I get when I'm sitting with her. The ocean draws me in and has the power to swallow me whole, if only I gave in.

The park I ventured to today is only 15 minutes from my current house, and once I was there, I was so angry at myself for not coming before. Today was a cool day with a slight breeze, pulling strands of caramel hair from my bun; I carried my iced coffee in one hand as I trudged through the muddy grass in my leather boots, making sure not to sink too far into the soft ground. Every few steps I would bend down to see what was beneath me. Beachcombing is an underrated activity that gives me a thrill of adventure every time I do it. There were thousands of shells on the beach, and I would turn them over or open them up as I went by, seeing if the owners of the shell were still inside. With the number of birds nearby though, I was sure not to find a single inhabitant.

As I got out to the furthest point of land not drowning in water, I was wishing that I had brought a blanket to sit down on. Being a chilly day with wet ground and only a pair of leggings on, I was sure to be soaked through in no time at all had I sat without one. I opted just to crouch down for awhile once more, looking into the water, watching a bird not too far off struggle to keep a clam in his beak. He would drop it, quickly dive into the water to retrieve it, then dropping it again. The final time, he was unable to grasp the clam back into his beak. I believe he finally noticed me noticing him and he stopped in his tracks, slowly circling around the area that I was in.. not taking his round, black eyes off me the entire time. As I was watching him, another bird dove into the water right next to me, to grab his next meal as well. I decided it was time for me to wander back towards my car and get back to my life.

As I was walking, I realized how much I truly love the simple things in life and how easily I get distracted with day to day life. I would be living my very best life if I lived in a small yurt, or even a van, right on the water and I was able to sit with nature and watch the water rise and fall near my feet everyday. Making food on a little stove that I find from local markets, while I spend my days reading, writing and making memories with the people I love. I've become distracted once more with just going through life and doing things that I think I should be doing, rather than following my heart everyday. It had been too long since I had last been with the water and the reminder today was just what I needed. As I watched my sand covered boots sink into the ground on my way back off the beach, I admired all the beautiful driftwood that has made it's way to shore, always wondering where it originally came from. I saw a couple small pieces, perfect for making macrame with, and I grabbed them, hoping no one would see me and get angry for stealing part of this beautiful public area. When I got home, I laid them in the garage to dry fully before I do anything with them.

For the rest of the day, I will dream of the ocean with all of her magic, and know that someday we will be neighbors.

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